UPDATED 02/19/14 with new photo of the Diamond Select King Ghidorah Vinyl Bank! – & now a shot of the S.H. Monsterarts Display!

UPDATED 02/18/14 with photos of NECA’s Godzilla line & another shot of Diamond’s X-Plus 30cm Varan reissue!

Howdy, all and Happy Monday! Jon @ UnCanny here.

This week will be full of news, so get excited! Right now the NY Toyfair is raging, and it looks like a blast. NYTF is full of distributors toting new Godzilla merchandise – Some is photo-allowed, and others are not. Yet social media has brought forth some pretty interesting images from the event, and some of it is coming out of nowhere! Godzilla Minimates? Who would’ve guessed?

The NYTF features a lot of excellent items from Diamond Select, as well as a ton of merchandise for the upcoming Legendary film. Expect a ton of G-related merchandise to be hitting store shelves during the Year of Godzilla – which is now, by the way. 2014. Its a damn good time to be a fan!

Photographs of new merchandise will be trickling in over the coming days, and I’ll be compiling them all here. Check out whats been revealed so far:

More will be posted as it becomes available!

Jon @ UnCanny


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