UPDATE 07/22/2016:

FUNimation announced yesterday that they have purchased GODZILLA RESURGENCE for North American Distribution! TOHO revealed this news exclusively to SciFiJapan, which was shortly followed by this press image:


FUNimation has an exemplary history of quality Japanese releases in North America, including much of the Dragonball Z animated film franchise, and the recent Attack on Titan live-action films. Their subtitling work is some of the best in the business, so this is fantastic news for us G-Fans!

There is still no word on a U.S. or Canadian release date, but once it is available FUNimation will be the one to reveal it. We’ll keep you updated as always!

For the original article concerning international release, please read on below:

Hey fandom, Jon D. B. here with an exciting grab from a fan in Singapore:


This is the first official marketing we’ve seen for an international release of Toho’s Resurgence! The striking standee was spotted by a fan in Singapore and then shared with us. Two things jumped out immediately:

1.) August 25th, 2016 may now be the official release date for Asia – or confirms the South East Asia release date at the very least.

2.) Encore Films seems to be at the forefront of international distribution for Resurgence in Asia. UPDATE: We learned that FUNIMATION will distribute in North America on 07/21/2016.

After doing a bit of research, we’ve found that Encore distributes specifically in South East Asia, which makes sense given the origin of this photo (Singapore). Kaiju expert August Ragone recently reported a rumor that North American distribution is on its way – but we have yet to receive any confirmation that the rights have been picked up (see update above).

International distribution has some folks confused; Toho cannot simply put the film up for show in any country they choose. First, Toho puts the rights up for purchase – and corresponding companies within countries/nations around the world must then purchase the rights to distribute the film in their territory. We see an example of this above, with Encore purchasing the film for distribution in South East Asia. Now we play the waiting game to see who will distribute the film in the U.S., U.K. and so on (See update above).

Are you excited to see the next G-Film on the big screen in the months to come? Let us know and follow us on Facebook for up-to-the-minute news coverage for all things Godzilla!

Until then!

Jon D. B.


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