JJ from my personal collection. This figure, released in 2007, is part of the 'Movie Monster' series.

In recent years, Bandai has been full of surprises. Many collectors (such as myself) had to wait until the past four or five years just to get their hands on our most beloved monsters such as Hedorah, Titanosaurus, and Jet Jaguar. 2007 brought us a brand spanking new JJ figure – and it was well worth the wait!

Sculpt: *****

The sculpt on this figure is excellent – spot on. Not only is the resemblance to JJ’s film counterpart accurate – its exact – something Bandai has come to be known for. The proportions are all correct, and Jet Jaguar also stands nicely in scale with the rest of Bandai’s 6″ figures. You can even see the creases in the ‘suit’ on this sculpt, as well as the zipper compartment on the back.

Paint: *****

The paint job on this figure could not be better. The metallic finish used for the silver areas of the figure was an excellent choice – anything different (like a flat, matted color) would have completely ruined the figure. The color scheme is a perfect fit in regards to the original suit – it even has shading!

Rarity: **

Being a new figure, JJ hasn’t had the time to garner any sort of rarity. However, these figures are incredibly popular and sell quickly. It hasn’t effected the pricing yet – but I’ll bet this one will become a hot collector’s item in the next decade, and fetch a similar price to the now extremely rare 8″ scale JJ from Bandai’s past.

Price: $12.99 – $24.99

With adjusted currency, JJ shouldn’t cost you more than 14 or 15 dollars (with or without tag). But given the popularity and growing scarcity of the figure, dealers are prone to jacking up the price on this little guy – Don’t be surprised if you have to shell out over $20. I wouldn’t pay anything past $25, though – he’s not worth that tag price just yet, and you can find one cheaper elsewhere.

Worth it?

Oh yes, JJ is a must have – especially at his current pricing. The sculpt and paint jobs on this figure are sure to make it a classic in the years to come. Jet Jaguar comes highly recommended at a full Five Stars!


Jon @ UnCanny

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