CaptureThe Art of Shin Godzilla Resurgence

Published by Ground Works

Release Date August 10th, 2016 at ¥9800

Pre Order Now via Hobby Link Japan!


SHIN-GOJIRA is receiving the full art-book treatment in the form of this 432 page must-have volume. The in-depth look at Toho’s revival is in full color and set for release on August 10th of 2016. The initial price tag is set at ¥9800 (without tax), which currently amounts to right under $92 USD. That may sound pricey for a book, but this magnificent tome is absolutely enormous, and will include everything from storyboards and production art to vastly varying creature designs. We’ve waited over a decade now for Toho to revitalize their most famous franchise – here’s our chance to see just what it took to bring the world’s most iconic monster back to Japanese silver screens. You can pre-order now at HLJ by clicking the link above, or the image to the top left.


Earlier today, a fan via our Skreeonk Facebook Page alerted us to this magnificent first-look inside the upcoming “Art of” book. What we’re looking at here is a set of initial concepts by acclaimed artist Mahiro Maeda (前田 真宏 Maeda Mahiro) of Japanese animation fame. Maeda has recently worked as a concept artist on not only Shin-Gojira, but Mad Max: Fury Road as well. He is a a Studio Ghibli alum, and even created the animated sequence for the original Kill Bill film in 2004. Needless to say, we’re excited to see the culmination of his talents & what he brought to the Shin-Gojira production. Judging by this first-look, we’re quite eager to see more.

We’ll keep you updated as always – don’t forget to pre-order this monstrous art book at HLJ if you’re interested. Until next time!


Jon D. B.


  1. This in all honesty is the worst Godzilla look I’ve ever seen. Hard to believe this is coming directly from Toho and not some American spin on the monster.

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