Need some exciting news this Monday? We’ve got you covered!

Science Fiction genre veteran creature designer & suit actor, Tom Woodruff Jr., has just been confirmed as the Creature Designer for Legendary’s Godzilla sequel, GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS!


content_tom_woodruff_jr_alien_iii_amalgamated_dynamics_fx_archive_special_effects_makeup_artist_suit_performer_2_copyThe news was confirmed early Monday morning as the film’s director, Mike Dougherty, responded to a fan’s inquiry about Tom’s listing for the film on IMDB.

Woodruff Jr. is an Academy Award Winning special effects & design guru whose work is widely known in the industry. To fans, he’s best known as the man who brought all physical XENOMORPH suits to life for the Alien franchise, the venerable Pumpkinhead, GORO in Mortal Kombat, and many, many more.

What does this mean for kaiju fans anticipating Legendary’s sequel? Woodruff Jr. is now the man who will be giving the world it’s first “modern” CGI incarnations of Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah – as each are slated to appear in KOTM alongside Godzilla. Perhaps the Big G himself will also be receiving a bit of a makeover at the hands of Sir Tom.


Few in Hollywood are as capable as Woodruff Jr., and we’re struggling to think of a better artist to bring unique & updated looks to our revered titans whilst keeping their classic designs intact.

Are you excited about this news? Let us know what you think of Tom’s involvement in the comments below or by following the discussion on our Facebook Page!


Jon D. B.



  1. so practical effects to some degree? or gonna be like last film 100% cartoon.. its godzilla.. a franchise started from practical effects.. people laugh think suits from 60s but look @ later g films, look at stan wintston stuff, suits are getting better n better.. not just that animatronics etc look at jurassic park when they used live action effects. spectacula. also i mean for minature buildings blowing up and smashing stuff do some real that real umff impact if better

  2. im woreid hes just gonna make the merchandise.. and concept models that they will use to turn into CGI later.. thats what i mjworried about.. put some real live action effects in it for god sake do it!

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