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The Schedule For G-FEST XXII Is Up! FVL Panel! Special Guests! Symphonic Fury! Time To Plan Your Awesomeness!

Hey guys, Jon @ UnCanny here with some exciting news!


photo courtesy of David E. Dopko!

The schedule for G-FEST XXII a’la Summer 2015 is up, and some fantastic things are happening! I can’t remember if I gave the official “wohoo” on this or not, but I will be on the FRESH VINYL LIVE Panel with our good friend Rich Eso of Fresh Vinyl Reviews, Kyle Yount of Kaijucast, and David E. Dopko of DED Photography! We have some other friends joining us, and needless to say – it is going to be an absolute blast! Check out the rest of the schedule, there’s some amazing things happening with tons of other excellent panels and events scheduled! Kyle of Kaijucast alone is doing a good half-dozen fantastic panels, as well as several live Kaijucast recordings, so don’t miss out on those, either! As for our FVL panel, here’s the full details and time:

Fresh Vinyl Live!

(12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Kennedy) – Fresh Vinyl Live debuts at G-FEST XXII with the most recent toy news from X-Plus, S.H. Monster Arts, Marmit, Diamond, and NECA! Have you been on the fence about preordering that new figure you have been interested in? Are you curious to find out why the newest collectibles are fresh? Then Fresh Vinyl Live is where you need to be! Panelists: Richard Eso, Christine Chapin, David Eric Dopko, Kyle Yount, Samson West, and Jon Bumpus.

11062137_10204499180428625_5802057274497506576_nA few weeks ago we were also met with the unfortunate news that one of G-Fest’s special guests, actor Yukijiro Hotaru of the Gamera Trilogy, had to cancel due to a last minute filming schedule conflict. Our good friends at G-FEST delivered, however, and actor Noboru Kaneko of the Kiryu films will now be making his first U.S. appearance! Joining him, of course, will be the guest of honor and Kaneko-san’s director on said Kiryu movies, Masaaki Tezuka! I’m bringing several figures to get signed, very excited for this news as I really dig the Kiryu films.

Don’t forget that the incredible SYMPHONIC FURY is happening, and kaiju composer KOW OTANI himself will be present as a guest of honor at both this concert and G-Fest! Some great friends of the Kaiju genre put this concert-sequel-of-sorts together after the wonderful success of last years Ifukube symphony, so be sure to grab tickets if you’ll be attending G-Fest. You won’t want to miss hearing Otani-san’s scores for the Gamera Trilogy and GMK performed live by an orchestra for the first time ever! To purchase tickets, please visit: http://symphonicfury2015.brownpapertickets.com/  – or click on the image below (which also includes the time and date for said amazing concert!):


This is all just the tip of the iceberg my friends, so be sure to check out the G-FEST SITE BY CLICKING HERE and getting all the information you need and/or desire! Less than two weeks to go! We’ll have plenty of updates, photos, videos, and all the rest for you as we attend! Until then, true believers!

Jon @ UnCanny


UPDATE 06/17/15: This image was shared by Haruo Nakajima on social media and we assumed, in good faith, it’s legitimacy. Turns out it’s an elaborate creation by a Japanese fan. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the real deal, it seems!

Hey all, Jon @ UnCanny here with a great piece of news!

TOHO has released the first official poster for Godzilla 2016 by way of a teaser with some very familiar imagery. The poster shows some classic-looking dorsal spines, though there’s no way to be sure if anything on this piece represents the Big G’s new look. Either way, it seems that red & black are the only colors we’ll ever see used to advertise Godzilla again – but hey! This is a wonderful surprise. You can check out the poster below. Also, the domain name godzilla2016.jp is on the bottom right corner of the poster, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this registered site to see when it goes live!


Don’t forget that G-FEST is just 20 days away in Chicago, and we’ll be there to report on all the happenings! Until next time, Kaiju Fans!

Jon @ UnCanny


Hey fandom,


Photo courtesy of Linda Conrad

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news of our dear friend Joe Astalfa’s death. He lost his battle with cancer this morning.

Joe has been a great friend for many years, and of course our common bond was the monster himself, Godzilla. He contacted me concerning a few rare vinyls I had up for sale back in 2012 (Joe had impeccable taste), and through the ordeal we hit it off immediately. His unique wit and charm always bled through into any conversation – even if it were only through messaging online or texts. Joe never lost that trademark wit, and even made light of his overbearing situation last year in Chicago when we all met for G-Fest. His best friend, Mike Ross, put together an enormous card for us all to sign for Joe. That time together was wonderful, but I can’t help but be overcome with sadness as I sit here typing with only a little over a month to go before this year’s G-Fest… and Joe will not be joining us. Breaks my heart.

Many friends and fans are left behind to remember Joe and the positive influence he had on each and every one of us. He was an extremely knowledgeable fan and could talk classic kaiju eiga posters, vinyls, actors, and history with the best of them. Of course, our strongest bond personally was via collecting – and Joe ended up with two of my favorite vinyls: SDCC Exclusive Marmit Vinyl Paradise Purple Gabara and the Festival Excl. green and blue neon Marmit Monster Heaven Godzilla 1955… I had a habit of knocking prices waaaay down for Joe. Not because he couldn’t afford it – that was never the problem. But because I knew that some of my favorites were going to the right guy. Someone who would appreciate their whimsy as much as I did.


The last photo of his collection that Joe sent to me. You can see the SDCC Gabara I mentioned, and really get a sense of just how unique and colorful of a guy Joe was.

If you know any of his friends or family on Facebook, please take the time to send them some kind words.To put it lightly, Joe will be missed.

Thank you for all of the multiple hour debates, Joe. Thanks for the figures we traded, sold back-and-forth and the memories attached to them. Thanks for schooling me in craft beers. Thank you for staying up late and brainstorming new branches of Skreeonk.com, and for coming up with great ideas for ways to help improve the fandom and Kaiju Fan Network. The site owes a lot to Joe, as do I. And we will never forget him for it.

Whether you knew him by Joe, Joseph, Cimmerian Dragon, or the nickname I was lucky enough to bestow on him myself: C-Dra, Joe was a good man. May he rest in peace. Here’s to one last cheers, Joe.


Jon @ UnCanny