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Bandai 8″ Fire Mothra w/Tag!

Amazing and HUGE Bandai GFW Fire Mothra w/ attached tag! Shipped to you for $40!

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New S.H. Monsterarts and X-Plus Reviews! Its G-TUBE Time!

Hey, everyone! Jon @ UnCanny here with more top-notch video reviews from our good friends James and Rich a’la Diego Doom and Fresh Vinyl respectively!

Diego Doom reviews the S.H. Monsterarts MFS-3 Type-3 Kiryu!

Diego Doom reviews the S.H. Monsterarts Toho Special Weapons & Godzilla Effects Pt. 2 Sets!

Rich Eso reviews the X-Plus 30cm Titanosaurus!

Rich Eso reviews the X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1955!

Be sure to thank the guys on YouTube, Facebook, or here on our site! Thanks for watching!

Jon @ UnCanny

Happy 60th Birthday, Godzilla!

Celebrate today, fandom! It’s Godzilla’s 60th!


Browse the site, do some reading on all of the classic Godzilla films! Buy some vinyl goodness! Watch a G Film with family and friends! Eat Cake! Stomp a miniature city! Whatever way you celebrate, we hope you have an excellent day!


Jon @ UnCanny

Bandai! Marusan! CCP! New Items Up on the Kaiju Fan Marketplace!

Hey, all! Jon @ UnCanny here.

A good friend of ours is listing a lot of his superb collection on the KFM, and is starting out with some excellent classic items from Bandai, Marusan, and other great companies. These figures are in pristine condition and are going out at great prices – Don’t miss out! Keep checking back for more items as they’re listed!

Jon @ UnCanny

Kaiju Addicts Reviews the X-Plus Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989!

Our good friend John Stanowski has revealed his review of the Sakai ’89, and its a fantastic write up as always! Even if you don’t plan on picking up this figure,the write up features a ton of excellent images and is worth checking out for these alone!


Here’s an excerpt for yah:

KaijuAddicts-Xplus-Godzilla-1989-BoxTHE BOX

With the new Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection comes a new box design that starkly contrasts the cool, stylized box art that we’re used to.

I’ve heard it described as everything between being the work of an intern to looking like a 70s record album cover. Okay, so it stinks. But, I’m resolved to look at it this way: it looks like a garage kit box. And that’s ‘sort of’ what this is. Right?

The box comes with the usual X-Plus Garage Toy logo in one corner and the Plex logo in another. A new detail here is the inclusion of a Godzilla vs. Biollante logo.

And for those who need to know, the text reads (in kanji and katakana) Toho 30cm Series Sakai Yuji Modelling Collection. It then repeats “Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection” in English, along with “Godzilla 1989″. Then, in kanji: “fourth kind warning system, Osaka Landing”.

Also new: next to the usual Toho Godzilla licensing sticker is another licensing sticker from Sakai’s company, Zokei Kobo. It says “SAKAI YUJI, ZOKEI KOBO”.

Now, on to what’s inside!



To see what is inside, be sure to check out the full review by clicking HERE or any of the images in this article!


Jon @ UnCanny

Classic Kaiju Commercials! Fresh Vinyl Reviews! Its G-TUBE TIME!

Having a lazy Sunday (or whatever day of the week it is when you happen to stumble upon this)? We certainly hope so! Here’s the latest G-Tube from Jon @ UnCanny for your viewing pleasure.

G-Tubepic1This weeks compilation will end with the latest from our pal Rich over at Fresh Vinyl Reviews, who just so happens to have filmed a review for the X-Plus 30cm Godzilla 1992! Check it out, Rich is on point as always – and this review is one of his best yet! Though I’m pretty sure they just get better every time.

To get us started, I thought it’d be fun to recap some classic Godzilla commercials from the past. We’ve all seen the recent ads by Fiat and Snickers this year (capitalizing on the success of Legendary’s Godzilla), but what about all the greatness that came before? Lets travel back in time, shall we?

First up we have a great black & white spot from Dr. Pepper made to tie in with the 1985 US release of Return of Godzilla. The suit is a stylized, soda-fueled-nightmare take on the 1962 KingGoji – and it makes for a very entertaining comedy piece complete with screaming Japanese citizens:

Now before anyone burns down a village over a commercial for the 1998 Zilla atrocity being second on this list of commercials, I’d like to point out that A.) This list is in no particular “best of” order to avoid said rioting, and B.) This spot is a classic, period. I bet you can quote both famous lines from this ad without me even hinting, am I right? This is Taco Bell‘s third big commercial for their wildly successful G campaign that took place and is, in part, largely responsible for getting us all excited – and then extremely p!ssed off:

Number three on the list is perhaps one of the most famous “WTF”s in Godzilla’s history, one that even non-fans are familiar with. NIKE ran a campaign in the 90’s capitalizing on the popularity of the Heisei series that featured Godzilla… playing Basketball against Charles Barkley. Yup. This ad campaign even produced a full-issue comic, posters, and – of course – Shoes.  It’s interesting to note, however – the production quality of not only the set miniatures, but of the Godzilla suit used here. Clearly a stylized version of the Heisei G look, the NIKE suit featured a larger, much more expressive head and face – a heavily animatronic based aesthetic that pays off wonderfully. Click below and let the hilarity ensue:

Next up we have a compilation of the 90’s Trendmasters Godzilla toy ads. If you were a child of the 90s and a Godzilla fan – you had these toys. This nostalgia-filled trip back to a simpler time needs no further introduction, but I will say this: They didn’t age well. Yowza!

Speaking of commercials, lets travel back to the motherland, yes? This next compilation is four solid minutes of Godzilla selling out. Everything from scratch-off tickets to the Shobijin selling women’s clothing is on display here – Japanese culture in it’s full 90s glory. This warrants a watch simply because it give you a true sense of what it must have been like to be a Japanese fan of the Big G back in his hayday:

Another confusing gem from the other side of the world, this GOLD Fuel commercial from Thailand gave Godzilla a makeover that included Baragon’s horn and… Braces. Take that, Toho copyright lawyers! This spot is full of action, slapstick comedy, and more schtick than you can shake a schtick at, bub:

This next commercial was admittedly unknown to me, and yet has turned out to be a new favorite. This long-lost Cheerio’s commercial from the 80’s was another tie-in for the US release of Return of Godzilla, and is loaded with both stock footage and charm. It pays homage to four separate decades of the Big G, all in one adorable little 30 minute cereal spot.

I feel compelled to include the following commercial next, as it does an equally great job in capturing the charm and nostalgia of Godzilla – and they managed to throw in a great message as well. This commercial was a huge hit in general, not to mention the reaction our fandom had upon its syndication. Its cute and effective – something undoubtedly rare for most commercials advertising for similar causes. No doubt you’ve seen this Ad Council gem before, its a modern classic:

Here’s a mighty dose of nostalgia for our 70s kids in the audience – bringing it back old school! This US commercial for the Shogun Warriors Godzilla by Mattel represents perhaps the most famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) piece of Godzilla Merchandise this side of the Pacific, and it’s packed full of all the 70s goodness you’d expect from two kids knocking down a sandcastle with a giant plastic Godzilla:

Last but not least for our Kaiju Commercials portion of this list, we’ll include the Snickers and Fiat commercials for those of you who may have missed them. The Snicker’s ad is particularly notable for its use of classic suitmation – of which they did a hell’ova job! The suit harkens back to ShodaiGoji (1954), while the entire spot itself is hilarious in its depiction of modern culture/advertisements in general. Its a genuinely funny piece that helped bring Godzilla back into the limelight right before his big return earlier this year. The Fiat ad also scores major points on the opposite side of the spectrum for some fantastic 2014 CGI, and modern-ad-sensibility. Two great yet completely different ads advertising for the same film:

We certainly hope you enjoyed our latest G-TUBE, I’ve had a blast putting it together. If you haven’t seen Fresh Vinyl Review’s latest, here’s your chance. Rich tackles the X-Plus 30cm Godzilla 1992, and touches on everything from the absence of his box, to the intricacies of this fantastic sculpt:


Until next time, true believers!


Jon @ UnCanny


G-TUBE! Great New Reviews and Fan Films for your Eyeballs!

Hey fandom! Jon @ UnCanny here with a new segment for yah. To get right down to it, G-TUBE will be a regular segment where I pull the best of the best in Kaiju entertainment from YouTube, putting it all in one place for you guys to catch up on!

G-Tubepic1If you missed the latest Fresh Vinyl Live this past Saturday night, well… lets just say you missed out on 3 hours of good times and kaiju ridiculousness. I’ve been a part of the past two FVLs with our good friend Rich Eso, and plan to be a part of every one for the foreseeable future. Now, keep in mind that the three hour runtime of this past episode is not the norm, we usually go for about an hour and a half – podcast’ish lengths. But we just had so much to talk about! X-PLus 25cm Ghidorah, Diamond’s anticipated NYCC reveal, Yuji Sakai’s X-Plus ’28cm’ G’89, NECA, SHMA, and of course the X-Plus Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla. If any of this even remotely interests you (which of course it does or you wouldn’t be here) I fully recommend you check out the recording of the live broadcast below. If you want to kick back, have some drinks with us and revel in the fun for the next FVL, be sure to like us on Facebook so you’ll have up-to-the-minute updates on when each FVL will take place. Each FVL will be recorded (as always),  just in case you miss it. And we’ll be posting them here on the site as a part of our  new G-TUBE updates, like so:

If you’re familiar with FVL and the YouTube scene, then you’re familiar with another good friend of ours, James aka DiegoDoom who’s superbly produced figure reviews have become a staple of the fandom. Check out his beautifully shot, well-balanced, and silky-smooth voice over’ed review of the S.H. Monsterarts GODZILLA 2014 below!

Another friend of ours, Terry M.P. of Hesperia Productions has another great short out, Godzilla vs The Alien Monsters 3! His mixture of stop motion/hand puppetry goodness spans the entire fandom of Kaiju, and never fail to be creative and entertaining. Check it out below:

I’m already loving this whole G-TUBE idea, and will be keeping it up! Hope you guys enjoy – theres a ton of excellent content out there and we’re going to try and bring you the best.

Until next time, true believers!


Jon @ UnCanny