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Ric-Boy X-Plus Reissues! Medicom Marmit Monster Heaven Vinyls! It’s a Collector’s Update!

Hey Kaiju Fans! Jon @ UnCanny here with a long-overdue Collector’s Update!

After a long and hellacious dryspell the kaiju collecting world has been set a-blaze yet again, all thanks to the tremendous success of Legendary’s GODZILLA! Companies like Diamond are still pumping out reissues and new Godzilla merch (which is a very big deal, honestly) and companies like Medicom (Marmit) and X-Plus now getting in on the reissue train – it’s a damn good time to be a fan! Or is it a DAM time, perhaps?

Surely you get that reference if you’re on this site. Surely!

angiras1968_03Anyway, X-Plus announced last night that their latest Ric site reissue will be the coveted 25cm Anguirus, and the special Ric edition at that! Preorders on these guys are extremely limited, so get one now while you can! You’ll have to sign up for a forwarding service like TENSO, but it’s not rocket science – so make it happen! The yen is down and Ang can be yours for literally $112! Insanity!

Ang is one in a long line of reissues X-Plus is hitting us with, with the likes of the 30cm Gigan light up Ric announced last month, and the 25cm G’68 and Minya Ric before it. This is all, no doubt, to correspond with the release of Ghidorah this past December. I, along with many other collectors, suspect that X-Plus will be reissuing their entire Destroy All Monsters (do you get it now?) 25cm lineup to cash in on Ghidorah’s release. That, and we know they’re 100% aware of Diamond’s X-Plus reissue success. My guess? X-Plus is cutting out the middle man and is going to do their own reissues from now on. We still may see more non-Godzilla X-Plus reissues from Diamond in the future, but for now I wouldn’t count on it.

Outside of X-Plus, Japan’s Vinyl Wars line is going strong with a ton of variants, as are their stateside releases through Diamond and Medicom! Marmit Monster Heaven DesuGojis are popping up like wildfire, and we’ve got everything from MMH G’84 and G2K to reissues of Bear Model’s and giant Marmits headed our way within the next few months! If you’re looking for any of these I’d recommend starting with Entertainment Earth. There are a dozen other places I’d usually send you first, but they’re all sold out – so either Amazon or Entertainment Earth will be the way to go.

Below is a gallery of the upcoming Marmit and other stylized vinyl releases you’ll be able to get your hands on, each ranging from $59.99 up to $109.99. There’s plenty of other great vinyls G-Merch on the internet right now as well, such as metal bottle openers and even a pizza cutter – so be sure your wallet has health insurance!

Good luck and happy vinyl hunting!

Jon @ UnCanny

It’s That Time of Year Again! The Great Kaiju Sale of 2015 Has Arrived on the KFM!

Hey all! Jon @ UnCanny here with some great merchandise for sale from yours truly!

Last year we hit the fandom with The Great Kaiju Sale of 2014, which was a huge success. And whether you have some Christmas/Hanukkah cash burning a hole in your wallet or are just looking to start the new year off with some classic vinyls – Either way you’ve come to the right place!

The Kaiju Fan Marketplace is LOADED with all of the Marmit, Toygraph, and Bullmark amazingness you see below – all priced to ship right to yah! The more you buy, the more money you save – deals will be struck! Was that slimey enough sales talk for yah?

Treat yourself with some classic vinyl today by clicking the link above or the banner to the right! This stuff will go super fast, and as always thanks for visiting Skreeonk.com and shopping on the KFM!

Jon @ UnCanny

G-TUBE: The King Has Landed! X-Plus 25cm King Ghidorah Reviews from Jon @ UnCanny and the Kaiju Fan Network!

Hey all! Jon @ UnCanny here!

If you are even remotely interested in X-Plus vinyls, then I’m sure you’ve A.) Been anticipating the release of this figure and B.) Have heard all about the absolute mess it has become. Personally, I absolutely adore this enormous and immaculately detailed piece – it is an incredible centerpiece for any collection. I was fortunate enough, however, to pull mine out of the box intact. Many others were not – and that’s putting it lightly.

10428086_409949755820023_3518707495908590910_nI’m compiling many high-profile reviews from within the collecting community here, but I have a few things (aka my own review) I’ll add to the whole debacle first, along with my own photos of the figure. There is no excuse for what seems to be a huge glue-quality-control issue on the part of X-Plus. These figures are arriving with heads, necks, horns, and legs completely disconnected because of either faulty glue or a glue that wasn’t made to withstand frigid winter/fluctuating temperatures. With that being said, every single person that bought this figure outside of Japan (and especially in the US on the opposite side of the planet) took a gamble when purchasing this figure to be shipped overseas. The very nature of Ghidorah’s design makes it impossible to create a suit accurate figure of him in any material (vinyl, polyresin, friggin’ concrete) without it being fragile. With three heads, slender necks and tails, paper-thin wings, and protruding horns – Such is the nature of the beast. X-Plus may have had a few bad apples in the batch (like any product), but the majority of what we are seeing is the fault of one of or all of the following: Postal workers who give no f***s about your box and its contents, AmiAmi not putting their shipments in a proper box, said naked boxes traveling across HALF A PLANET, and above all: frigid and fluctuating temperatures wreaking havoc on vinyl, wires, and glue (especially when combined with turbulent conditions aka a dozen different people handling the box daily).

I’m not, nor is anyone else, making excuses for X-Plus, but I do think it is imperative that everyone be realistic about this situation and X-Plus as a company. Any high-end, hand fashioned collectible like this is going to have a few quality control issues, nothing is perfect. These sorts of thing happen, especially with something as intricate as a highly-detailed, uber-realistic X-Plus Ghidorah vinyl. X-Plus didn’t attempt to screw anyone over – far from it. They took the most difficult monster to render in vinyl form and gave us an enormous, gorgeous product. Writing off a great company like X-Plus because of cases of faulty glue and problems with international shipping when they purposefully do not ship their fragile products internationally themselves is a tad naive and will have you missing out on a ton of other fantastic products.


The X-Plus 25cm Ghidorah next to Gigabrain’s own exemplary Ghidorah vinyl. Both from the collection of Jon @ UnCanny.

The most common complaint I’ve seen is “We should not have to worry about our product arriving in one piece when we’re paying such high prices for said product.” While I agree with this to a certain extent, I can only fully agree with it for Japanese citizens who didn’t have to ship the product internationally. X-Plus is a company that makes vinyls for Japan. They have an international audience (which is why you are here reading this now), but we are not their target audience and the western world has a hard time understanding this. It’s absolutely acceptable to hold a manufacturer here in the states accountable for an item purchased under normal conditions. But buying a delicate Japanese product and shipping it halfway across Earth in a box in the dead of winter isn’t exactly what I’d consider normal conditions, really. That being said, I do -as mentioned – think X-Plus needs to learn from this situation and figure out what the hell happened with their factory glue because outside of that, this could have been a wonderful release.

10885025_409949975820001_807918245927195142_nAmazon Japan reviews show quite a few Japanese customers having the same issues international buyers are – which also helps place blame on X-Plus’ factory glue. But the fact of the matter is that if you want to ship an expensive, fragile item halfway across the globe – you better be prepared to A.) Pay accordingly to have said item shipped with precautionary measures or B.) Cross your fingers ’til they bleed considering options for global shipping are extremely limited. Thankfully, all of the reported breakages are at glued-seams, which makes them all clean separations and not any fault of the vinyl itself. I haven’t seen a single broken wing or cracked/thin vinyl part – just pieces that were once glued coming unglued. This is a very easy fix, and any standard plastic/vinyl/model-kit safe superglue will have your Ghidorah looking brand new in no time.

Sadly, this release will turn many away from X-Plus as a company regardless, and even more away from this particular figure. This is to be expected, though. I mean, even as I type up the reality of the situation I am driven to think of how many items I’ve had successfully shipped to me from Japan under similar conditions, and how opening a broken $300 figure is like piss in your cornflakes no matter how you try to spin it. I’m just trying to shed a little light on the situation, and maybe try to put out at least some of the raging fire surrounding what is truly a wonderful collectible.

Now, what about the actual figure itself?

10801896_409949732486692_144671592100256914_nThe sculpt is nothing short of spectacular. It perfectly captures the 1968 Ghidorah’s look and bravado. The pose is fluid – not static, which is a major plus for me as well. The wings and necks give the appearance of movement, unlike the static arced posing of most Ghidorah figures. The amount of scales and wrinkles meticulously sculpted into this vinyl make it a masterpiece to behold. His facial features are immaculate, and the entire piece perfectly captures the timeless look of Godzilla’s most recognizable foe.

ABS plastic was used for the heads/horns and wings – which was a great move on X-Plus’ part. Large, thin wings do not hold up well in vinyl form (as any experienced collector will tell you and has horror stories of), and the internal system X-Plus used to mount these wings was another nice touch. Slight heating of the vinyl surrounding the brackets allows the plastic wings to slide right into place – and as the vinyl hardens the wings are held in position (if you’re inserting your wings, do not over heat the body vinyl – just get it warm). The bracket system is separate from the body vinyl, which should prevent any sagging. Only time will tell.

10888437_409949852486680_6860166250041581309_nThe paint app for Ghidorah, however, is pretty basic but appropriately glossy and regal. This, for me, was to be expected as he is a giant golden dragon after all. The manes, though, are a bit dark – perhaps a bit too brunette when they should be quite golden blonde (too much? too much). I’m not wild about the shade of fuchsia chosen to paint the inner mouth/tongues either, but it doesn’t distract unless you’re all up in his triple grills with a flash camera. The eyes are also tinted red and glossy, just like the ’68 Destroy All Monsters suit this vinyl is based off of.

All in all, I was very fortunate that mine arrived in pristine condition (as crazy as it is that this even has to be said), and he will be a centerpiece for me as long as I have a collection. This vinyl is a thing of beauty, and is up there with the 25cm Mothra as one of X-Plus’ best vinyls of all time.

That’s enough from me, right? For some truly stellar images of this beautiful figure and another excellent review, check out our good friend John Stanowski’s 25cm Ghidorah Review over at Kaiju Addicts:



Another Kaiju Fan Netork great weighs in with a surprising box day, Mr. Fresh Vinyl himself!

And if that wasn’t enough… Well, you have to see our good friend Samson West‘s box day fiasco as well:


Luckily, all of these separations are at glued joints (as mentioned in my review) and are easy fixes. I hope everyone who ordered this beaut had pleasant box days – and have many more scheduled for the future! If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns – please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or contact me via email!

Until next time, Kaiju Fandom!

Jon @ UnCanny

The Passing of a Legend: Koichi Kawakita (1942-2014)


Kawakita on the set of Godzilla vs Biollante

Last night, we received confirmation that legendary Tokusatsu Special Effects Master, Director, and Actor Koichi Kawakita has passed. We give our best to his friends and family in this difficult time, and grieve with the fandom at large for such a huge loss. His presence will be missed, but his work long remembered.

Koichi-KawakitaKawakita’s involvement and influence over Tokusatsu and Kaiju Eiga at large began with many varied Showa era productions – but we will always remember him as the shaper of the Heisei era: An endlessly creative individual whose imagination gave birth to a new age of Godzilla and revitalized an entire film genre. I had the pleasure to meet Kawakita-San in person at this year’s (2014) G-Fest, as did many of my friends and colleagues. He was a very genuine and passionate man, and even through language barriers there was no questioning his love for the genre and our fandom. Even if the Heisei era of films is not your cup of tea, there is no denying the impact his unique sensibilities and artistry had on all of Kaiju Eiga going forward.

As we broke the news last night, Facebook was lighting up with tributes and memories of Kawakita’s influence on all our beloved films, and the fact that our post concerning his passing generated the most views and share’s we’ve had on social media since the reveal of Legendary’s Godzilla – truly speaks to the impact this man’s legacy has had on us all, and will leave behind.

Thank you for everything you’ve given us, Kawakita-San. We remember you fondly.

(Heisei Era Tribute Slideshow by Youtube User Josh Shelton)

Jon @ UnCanny


The Year of Godzilla indeed!

Toho has officially announced their intentions to revitalize the famed series where it all began – In Japan! The success of Legendary’s film has rekindled the homeland’s love of the world’s most famous giant monster, and he will stomp back to fervoring life in 2016!

Kaiju Guru and all-around-awesome-dude August Ragone has an excellent write up on the matter at his blog THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND GODZILLA 続・夕陽の呉爾羅! Click the link to head over and get all of the details from a true pro. We’ve included snippets below with our very own Hype Poster, but be sure to read the article in full over at August’s blog!

G-2016-Poster1Toho Company Ltd. will be producing an all-new Godzilla film to be released in 2016. This will be the first “Domestic Godzilla” in 12 years since GODZILLA FINAL WARS (2004). In a press release issued today, Toho announced they’ve launched the “Godzilla Conference” as an organization to discuss and decide a wide range of strategies for promoting the Big G, including, but not limited to motion pictures. The group has also been officially nicknamed, “Godzi-con” (or “Gojikon” in Japanese parlance).

“With the success of the Hollywood version of GODZILLA, we decided on a new [domestic] production,” said Mr. Ueda in today’s press statement. The new production will be handled by Toho, in-house. “The screenplay is currently in development and we plan to start shooting next summer. We cannot announce cast or staff selections at this time. And we’re still deliberating whether to bring Godzilla to life via CGI or man-in-suit,” said Mr. Ueda. “This resurrection will be the centerpiece for ’16, and this is the force of our words.”

“The passionate voices of the fans clamored for a resurrection [of the Japanese Godzilla]. We will bring the monster back to Japan, with the high-quality we’ve given films like [Takashi Yamazaki’s] PARASYTE (Kiseiju, 2014). By bringing together our collective know-how, which we’ve been striving for [over the last 12 years], we mustn’t lose to Hollywood,” he said with confidence.

We’ve just created our own TOHO’s G-2016 page to keep you up to date on all of the latest regarding this film. Are you excited yet!?

Jon @ UnCanny

The First Trailer for HAIL TO THE KING Is Finally Here!

Hey all! Jon @ UnCanny here!

I know what you’re thinking – “Articles posted two days in a row!? But Jon, you usually only post once a week/month/whenever-ish!” – And you would be right to say such things! This is, however, something you will want to see.

We’ve been promoting our good friend Kyle of Kaijucast’s upcoming documentary this entire year, and the fully-funded Kickstarter project was immensely successful in both it’s campaign here in the states and in it’s production in Japan. A select few of us got a sneak peek at the trailer last night, but Kyle has finally given the greenlight to make this bad buy public! He’s done a tremendous job cutting this trailer together, and if you weren’t excited for this 60th Anniversary Documentary – You’re about to be:


The first public trailer for the independently produced documentary about Godzilla’s impact on Japan and the King of the Monster’s legacy. HAIL TO THE KING: 60 YEARS OF DESTRUCTION is currently in post production. The film was funded thanks to the generous donations from the “Hail To The King” kickstarter campaign.

The music in this trailer is a condensed version of “Ha!” performed and recorded by the Portland Taiko group, who generously granted permission for its use.

For more information, go to HailToTheKingDoc.com
or like us at Facebook.com/hailtothekingdoc


We’ll keep you updated on the project as always. Thanks for watching and keep an eye on Skreeonk.com and Kaijucast.com for the latest regarding this fantastic documentary!

Jon @ UnCanny

MONSTROSITIES Tokusatsu Vlog Reviews the NECA Godzilla 1984! G-TUBE TIME!

Hey, all! Jon @ UnCanny here!

Apologies for the lack of updates on the site, but Skreeonk is still very active on Facebook and in the Kaiju Fan Marketplace – which is still being updated weekly with new items! As far as the main site goes, its time for another G-Tube!

This is a quick entry in the series, but one deserving of its own entry, no less. This particular review was brought to my attention by some fellow friends of mine, and while this is the first time I’ve come across a MONSTROSITIES video review, it certainly will not be the last! I am really digging their review style, and the production quality is top notch.

NECA’s latest effort has been the subject of much flack as of late. The company went out of their way to give us a new head sculpt and please the fans (something this review directly addresses), but is the toy we ended up with still worth your twenty dollar bill? Watch the review below to find out!


Be sure to subsribe to MONSTROSITIES YouTube channel for more! Thanks for watching and we’ll see yah next time!

Jon @ UnCanny