Hey, John from KaijuAddicts.com here with a few shots from my recent review of the X-Plus Varan Diamond Reissue Vinyl Figure. I usually have a little something to say here on Skreeonk! but there’s just so much in my review that I would just suggest you go there for all the details. In the meantime: here are a few shots from the review.

KaijuAddicts - X-Plus Toho 12-inch Series Varan 1958 Vinyl Figure. Full body shot.

The North American release of the X-Plus 30cm Series Varan 1958 recently landed in the hands of many a collector. All I can say is, Thank God for Diamond Distributors! This particular item was getting really hard to get. That’s not a problem anymore!

KaijuAddicts - X-Plus Toho 12-inch Series Varan 1958 Vinyl Figure. High head shot.

Okay, I will say one thing. This figure totally changed how I looked at Varan. Before I got this figure, I thought the Varan suit design was unimaginative and just, well, unexciting. But being able to see this figure up close completely changed my view. Varan IS an awesome design.

KaijuAddicts - X-Plus Toho 12-inch Series Varan 1958 Vinyl Figure sweetened up in Photoshop.

In fact, I like the X-Plus Varan so much now… I bought the company! Okay, I didn’t buy the company. But I did start selling X-Plus via the family business. And right now we have 4 X-Plus Varan’s left.

Please stop by KaijuAddicts.com to learn more about X-Plus Godzilla vinyl figures. There’s been a lot of news lately and the site has much to offer.

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